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Kelly Pagliaro
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Kamiah, Idaho, United States
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Cool Temperate

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Milkwood Zaytuna Farm, The home of the permaculture Research Institute   The Human Habitat Project Kamiah Permaculture Institute
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Bill Mollison Geoff Lawton Kirsten Bradley Kyle Chamberlain Vanessa Monge Augusto Fernandes
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About Kelly Pagliaro

In 2008, when I was eleven, my parents decided to travel to Australia to take their PDC with Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton. I got to tag along, and was allowed to sit in with my parents as long as I was not disruptive. I assumed it would just be some boring class, so I brought plenty of reading material, but after the first day, I was hooked. I started taking notes and when the time came for the design exercise, I was put into a design group without either of my parents. I ended up deciding to just roll with it and gave my share of input. At the end of the PDC I was quite (though pleasantly) surprised when my name was called and I was presented with a Permaculture designer certificate.

We returned to our home in Las Vegas, Nevada and started a garden that spring. Just over a year after that, we made the move to our land in Idaho and began working to turn it into a Permaculture demonstration farm.

So far we've added a kitchen garden, fruit trees, a flock of chickens and more, and have begun holding presentations on permaculture and related topics in our area.


Farming for the Future, and Saplings to be Planted

With March comes a new month of presentations and planting.

Posted almost 13 years ago (0 comments)

Community Connections

Presentations and plans for the spring...

Posted about 13 years ago (1 comments)
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PDC course
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Teacher: Geoff Lawton
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Date: Jan 2008

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