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Råda, Värmland, Sweden
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A new permaculture farm to be in Sweden

Posted by Arthur Sevestre about 9 years ago

This June 2015 my mother Carla, our friend Annika and I bought a 6.5 hectare farm near Råda in Värmland, Sweden. 

Almost 10 years after Annika and I, still living in a student house in the Netherlands, started having the first careful and impossible-seeming plans to one day have land to work on sustainably and to make it a place of learning for whoever would come, the first truly tangible step has been taken. 

We will move onto the property early August 2015 and will get to work with the so far quite limited means that we have. Initially some fencing (probably gärdesgård) will have to be done and we'll have to do some necessary maintenance work on the buildings, but if all goes well we'll start building some hugelbeds in the mainhouse garden before first snowfall. 

During the winter I'll be working on setting up a proper woodworking workshop in the barn for furniture and other projects, but we'll also have time to get organised on the permaculture front, and we intend to start organising workshops and courses from spring onwards. 

None of us has official permaculture papers. I studied permaculture quite a bit in my own free time over the last years, but a PDC is definitely something Annika and I both want to do. Ideally we hope to organise the course ourselves on our farm and have a qualified teacher come over to teach us and other students. If you think that might be something for you, or if you would like to come over and lead a workshop, please contact us! 

Now back to the waiting game till early August!


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Corey Schmidt
Corey Schmidt : congratulations! what a beautiful site.
Posted about 9 years ago

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Jay Robinson
Jay Robinson : It's beautiful Arthur, I'm very pleased for you.It'll make an excellent site!
Posted almost 9 years ago

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