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Peter Brecknock
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Allynbrook, NSW, Australia
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Warm Temperate
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Allyn River Permaculture

Allyn River Permaculture

Allynbrook, AU

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Allyn River Permaculture in association with Limestone Permaculture

Posted by Peter Brecknock about 8 years ago

I have formed a new association with Brett Cooper from Stroud Road NSW to offer a series of combined Permaculture and Practical Gardening workshops.

Our aim is to educate sustainability through Permaculture Design Principles & Practices, affording students the opportunity to either begin or extend their Gardening, Homesteading & Permaculture knowledge, through a series of comprehensive workshops that provide them with the skills & hands on training to confidently undertake the many aspects of growing & raising ecofriendly, chemically free nutrious food.

These comprehensive workshops will give you the tools to create your journey from the soil up, so please join us through 2016 for our wholesome fully catered workshops & courses of your choosing:

January        23rd       Plant Propagation - Grow your own plant stock

                        24th       Garden Construction Techniques and efficient use of garden tools

Febuary       20th       The Productive Vegetable Garden - Autumn Garden

                        21st        The Urban Squeeze - Compact gardening with permaculture

March     19 & 20th   “Introduction to Permaculture” - Begin your permaculture adventure

April              16th       Design your Property - with Permaculture

                        17th       Market to Farmgate - Setting up a Market Stall & Roadside Farmgate

May               21st        The Productive Vegetable Garden - Winter Garden

                        22nd      Healthy Soils & Composting - Give your garden the best possible start!

 June             18th       Poultry and Small Animal Management - Integrating animals, garden & homestead

                        19th       Understanding Climate and Microclimates - For successful gardening & farming


Venue: Limestone Permaculture - 846 The Bucketts Way, Stroud Road NSW.  (Mob: 0488493411)

Cost:                      One day workshops > cost $154.00

                                Two day courses > cost $298.00

See http//:www.limestonepermaculture.com for full workshop details and bookings.

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Other Teachers: Geoff Lawton
Location: Melbourne
Date: Oct 2005
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: Penny Pyett
Other Teachers: Janet Millington, Darren J. Doherty
Location: Sydney
Date: Jul 2005
Other course unverified
Master Tree Grower
Type: Other
Teacher: Rowan Reid
Location: Hunter
Date: Nov 2008
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TAE 40110 CertIV in Training & Assessment
Type: Teacher Training
Teacher: Jenny Weismantel
Location: Dungog
Date: Aug 2011
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