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Josef Blümel
Litovel, Czech Republic
Climate Zone:
Cool Temperate

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About Josef Blümel

I was born in the Czech Republic, and I studied agriculture (the traditional form) and languages there. I then moved to the United Arab Emirates for nearly 5 years and then to Australia, where I spent almost 7 years.

I came across permaculture for the first time during my visits to Australia in the early 2000's, but I learned more later on, while living in Brisbane, Australia. Read a few books on the topic, and learned bits and pieces from people practising permaculture in and around Brisbane. I took over an empty lawn & started a sort of communal permaculture garden near a block of units where I lived, designed to be used by all the block's residents. However, this garden got flooded during the recent floods...

My current permaculture intentions include helping to build a permaculture community in the region where I currently live, in the Czech Republic - around the city of Olomouc, plus my personal "guerilla gardening" activites :). During summer this year (2011) I would like to get my hands dirty and get involved in some sort of a perm. happening, course, whatever comes my way, willing to travel anywhere around Europe...plus later on on to Australia again. I like collecting wild seeds & propagating them, in fact, I like propagating of all sorts :)...


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