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Allen Bundock


  • Joined: 21/02/2011
  • Location: Brisbane, Qld, Australia
  • Climate Zone: Sub-tropical
  • Gender: Male

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    PRI Zaytuna Farm, NSW, Australia Camp Guardian Permaculture Noosa



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About Allen Bundock

When managing an Australian native cut flower farm I can clearly remember making the following comments to a visitor: " what we really do here is kill a 'pest group' of living organism in order to keep our flowers alive and producing so we can make money." Sadly this was my mindset after growing up on a family farm, receiving a formal education in horticulture, working for multinational chemical companies, an earthmoving equipment dealership and many years as a farm manager over a number of properties.
A couple of years ago I attended a certificate course in sustainable agriculture. Amazing!!! you mean we can farm without pouring on resources out of a drum or bag? and maybe there is a more rewarding way that produces a healthy product and regenerates the earth? A neighbour gave me a copy of 'Introduction to Permaculture' and my journey has began. I attended a Keyline Farming workshop with Darren Doherty at Wetherby Station last year (2010), and this was the inspiration to complete a PDC at Milkwood. The course was presented by Nick Riter,Kirsten Bradley,Darren Doherty and Jesse Lemieux. I will no longer think of permaculture as warm fuzzy hippy BS that's conducted in a suburban backyard by radical do gooders, (although this is also good!)

I hope to make permaculture an intergral part of my future and start a garden and farm design business based in Brisbane. Our family will also develop a small property we have in the country. Permaculture ethics and design principles will be used.
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