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Douglas Smith
Silver City, NM, United States
Climate Zone:
Semi Arid
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The Oracle Island of Green (in the desert)
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About Douglas Smith

Born in and raised in New Milford, CT. I have been calling Silver City, NM. my home since 2002. Combining the experiences of helping with the family garden as a child, 14 years working in casual and fine dining restaurants, operating a Landscaping Business and creating garden spaces at every turn, I have always known that my entire life revolves around the Food web in every way.

Looking to devote myself fully to the cultivation of foods in 2006, I became an intern at Fort Hill Farm, a 15 acre Certified Organic produce farm also in New Milford CT. While there I was introduced by phone to a landowner in Silver City looking to start a Farm there in NM. Seeing my opportunity, I left my internship early and began pursuing my highest goal of opening a farm in Silver City. Working with the landowner and other friends, building from the ground up since 2007, Townside Farm, a 4 acre Seasonal Produce operation was established in 2009.

After 5 years as Manager of Townside Farm, I purchased the business in January, 2013. 2012 brought the largest forest fire in NM. history to just 30 miles of the farm gate, 2013 brought the dryest year on record followed by 1 year's worth of precipitation in the month of July alone. These extreme conditions combined with 5 years traditional tractor plowing practices and the erosion it caused, led me to pursue the solutions I knew I would find in a PDC. I literally spent years, searching for 'the right' PDC and then made excuses of why I couldn't take a PDC at the time i.e, lack of money, lack of time , life events etc.

Eventually patience pays off, and resources came in, with the combination of the First Permaculture Voices Conference followed by the First PDC given at PRI Tipuana Farm, being the First PRI Master-plan site in the U.S. This was indeed 'the right' course I had been waiting for.

Following the Conference and the PDC, I will never be able to look at the world the same way again. I am grateful to all of my Teachers and Classmates and look forward the myriad of opportunities that can arise from Townside Farm. Using our proximity to downtown Silver City surrounding schools, businesses and neighborhoods I intend to bring Permaculture to the people and landscapes of our little corner of the Universe and Beyond.


My Permaculture Qualifications
Pri verified
PRI Tipuana Farm
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: Owen Hablutzel
Other Teachers: Geoff Lawton, Neil Bertrando, Loren Taylor Luyendyk, Cathe' Fish, Joey D'Elia
Location: San Marcos, CA.
Date: Mar 2014

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