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Jeanne Wallace
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North Logan, Utah, United States
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Semi Arid
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Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute
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About Jeanne Wallace

My projects in permaculture combine my life experiences: growing up on an old farm homestead (East coast), living on intentional communities in my 20's, building passive solar adobe homes in New Mexico, organic gardening for a decade in Santa Cruz, CA, and my career as a holistic nutritionist. Melding permaculture, soil ecology and my advanced training in nutrition and functional medicine—with its concern for optimizing human wellness rather than waiting for disease to strike—brings unique insights to raising the most nutritious foods. Do you know the key to increasing phytonutrient levels in your crops? The answer surprises most people.

A professional landscape architect designed our multi-tiered hardscape. From there we took over to create a 1-acre permaculture paradise: culinary and medicinal herbs, perennial vegetables, edible flowers, rain garden, pond with waterfalls, ducks, rabbits, forage crops, cryptocrops for on-site foraging and over 70+ varieties of unusual and heirloom fruits/berries/nuts. We find joy in smart systems and stacked functions, like our combined shed x compost bins x rabbit hutch with rainwater-harvesting roof (all in a 12 x 4' footprint and within a pitchfork's reach of the duck's hoop coop).

Cache Soil-to-Table is our not-for-profit venture aimed at increasing community awareness of local food and permaculture. We offer internships through the local college, host bi-annual tours, workshops and a harvest gathering.


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