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Cory Collins
McKinney, Texas, United States
Climate Zone:
Warm Temperate
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 School of Permaculture Suburban Site Steppe One Farm Northern Nevada USA Eden's Garden Restoration
Alexandra Gooch Ben Hansen Douglas Smith Jason Liechti Leah Cook Owen Hablutzel Theron Beaudreau
Alexandra Gooch Andrew McPhee Ben Hansen Brian Knight Cathe' Fish Douglas Smith Geoff Lawton Gypsy Phillips Jack Spirko Josiah Wallingford mary combs Neil Bertrando Nicholas Burtner Nicholas Ferguson Owen Hablutzel Paul Wheaton
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About Cory Collins

I am a life long gardener and plant enthusiast. I discovered permaculture in 2011 at my local library when I came across Perennial Vegetables by Eric Toensmeier. It was down the colony-raised rabbit hole from there. I'm a graduate with my wife of the inaugural PDC of PRI, Tipuana Farm, CA, USA, the first PRI master plan site in the US.

In Sept of 2013, we left the cozy suburbs of McKinney TX and bought 10.5 ac just outside of town. We've named it Bright Star Hill and we're just starting to get our hands dirty.

We have a little website to document the goings-on. www.poppolyculture.com


My Badges
My Permaculture Qualifications
Other course verified
Intro to Permaculture
Type: Introduction to Permaculture
Teacher: Nicholas Burtner
Location: Plano Tx
Date: Jul 2013
Other course verified
Earthworks Course
Type: Earthworks
Teacher: Nicholas Burtner
Location: Saline, La
Date: Oct 2013
Pri verified
Permaculture Design Certification
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: Owen Hablutzel
Other Teachers: Geoff Lawton, Neil Bertrando, Cathe' Fish, Joey D'Elia, Loren Taylor Luyendyk
Location: PRI Tipuana Farm, San Marcos, Ca
Date: Mar 2014

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