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Ahmed Buasallay 's Profile
Ahmed Buasallay
Busatieen, Muharraq, Bahrain
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Al Baydha Project Greening the Desert Project
Maryam Zaky Sami email500@gmx.com
Geoff Lawton Neal Spackman
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About Ahmed Buasallay

I discovered Permaculture while I was living in Brisbane, Australia, where there is a great community of city Permaculture professionals and enthusiasts, where it connected me to people in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane surroundings, and Northern New South Wales.
I learned Permaculture through community gardens, WOOFFing, city initiatives, and friends' gardens.
Only recently (2014) that I've done a PDC (in Kenya) after I have been back home for a couple years.

Seeing the environmental and social situation here in Bahrain has revolted and inspired me to shape my professional life.
Inspired by the Permaculture movement, I started studying and learning more about concepts in Sustainability, Community Development, Integration of Ecology and Society, Social Psychology, Urban Design & Development, Appropriate Technologies, and many others.

With this at heart, I was recently blessed with an opportunity to manage a young company working in sustainable urban solutions. One of our base visions is to integrate the essential regenerative landscaping solutions with community development.

One of my own goals too is to start a Permaculture group in Bahrain with a central land for education, experimentation, and research to occur.

Tangible updates are coming soon..


My Permaculture Qualifications
PDC in Kilifi, Kenya
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: Tichafa Makovere
Other Teachers: Helene Maremma, Sven Verwiel, Trizzah Ahmed, Ivan Lieman
Location: Kilifi, Kenya
Date: Oct 2014

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