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Neal Spackman
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Jeddah, Makkah, Saudi Arabia
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Al Baydha Project

Al Baydha Project

Al Baydha, SA


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ecoart farm Permaculture Egypt Zumot (Re)Forestation Project Saudi Farms Permaculture Mecca Lot
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About Neal Spackman

I grew up in Minnesota, born to Southern Alberta folks.


Two Visions Permaculture

I've started my own blog, focusing at the moment on how the Arabian Peninsula could be largely converted into productive land.

Posted over 9 years ago (0 comments)

Crop per Drop & Species Selection

Evaluating the species to plant based on a water budget.

Posted about 10 years ago (0 comments)

Finally some more rain!

After 3 years with no rain, we finally got a second test of our water system. Here's some footage of a new check dam, with one rainfall worth of silt and grass starting to grow.

Posted over 10 years ago (2 comments)

Hitting Two Birds With One Stone

Building a 5 meter earthbag dome to teach building skills and house pigeons.

Posted about 12 years ago (1 comments)

Puff Adders Welcome!

One baby venemous snake in the hand means there are probably 100 more in the bush...

Posted about 12 years ago (2 comments)

The Gates Are Up

Even a Door Can Have Stacked Functions

Posted over 12 years ago (0 comments)

The first A/C fed garden in Al Baydha

air conditioner condensate dripping straight into a garden--no soil amendments, no mulch, no digging--rudimentary but it's working.

Posted over 12 years ago (1 comments)

Early batches of our papercrete mortar

A 60-20-20 mix of used paper, cement, and fine sand for blockmaking and mortar.

Posted over 12 years ago (0 comments)

Removing our earthbag arch form

The day of a big test for our building system, and for our workers who have put 3 months of effort into this, just on the faith that I told them it would stand...

Posted over 12 years ago (0 comments)

The Fence is Done

3.5 kilometers of stonework and razor wire to keep out camels, goats, and sheep.

Posted almost 13 years ago (0 comments)

Biomimicry and Creating New River Systems in the Desert

A low-tech system of flood control that handles the shocks of arid mountain climates and makes the water available for use year-round.

Posted about 13 years ago (1 comments)

Water System Part II: Evaporation and Um al Raka Dam

Dams are great at stopping flash floods but otherwise fail at storing the water.

Posted about 13 years ago (0 comments)

Al Baydha Project website officially live.

www.albaydha.org has left the building.

Posted about 13 years ago (0 comments)
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Aid worker Pdc teacher
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Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Teacher: Geoff Lawton
Location: Dead Sea Valley, Jordan
Date: Oct 2010
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Dry Tropical
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Hot Desert

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