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Colin Lennox
Altoona, PA, United States
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Warm Temperate
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Uma Flordeliza: Water Management and Regenerative Farming Demonstration Project and Space
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About Colin Lennox


I'm Director and Ecologist for EcoIslands LLC (BioMining Products, PermaCyclers).

We design, patent, build, install, and maintain wetlands in a box called Metal Removal Units for mining and PermaCycler for ag.

These modular, scalable, self organizing wetland biofilm reactors are used to semi-passively remediate acidified mine drainage by separating the metals in the load (usually Fe, Al, Mn, and Se) by their reductive and oxidative potentials. The self selecting and organizing biofilm which thrives in the reactors provides the work force. The design of the reactor facilitates the microbial niches in a useful volume.

For agriculture, the PermaCycler, operating under most of the same principles as mining, recycles water, nutrients, heat, and carbon dioxide with a selectively sealed greenhouse (photic reactor). By combining photo autotrophs and chemo heterotrophs in a semi sealed environment leads to higher efficiency and productivity, much like space designs based on the environmental control and life support systems (ECLSS) in development by international space programs.

Our main clients are coal mining companies here in Appalachia and we've built one system for a cannabis grow in Portland Oregon which was the start of our PermaCycler work.

For more info on our mine drainage projects and partnerships with the Smithsonian Institutes GeoSciences Dept, PSU, WVU, and Appalachian State please visit my blog on our website...


Also, check our youtube and other social media for the latest data releases and reactor designs at...




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