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isabelle bacquenois
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camlik bucak, burdur, Turkey
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About isabelle bacquenois

Having tried out many jobs when young, i found aviation would be mine. I flew as pilot during around 20 years- kind of bush pilot for first 10 years then later airline pilot on Boeing 737 – Lived in many countries like French Guyana, Australia, New Caledonia, Reunion island, Cyprus, Belgium, and travelled in so many others...
This life however fascinating it has been, was opposite to ecological and healthy.
At some point needing to restore my own health i found that Yoga would be the key.
I spent almost 3 years studying Yoga in India,(Bihar school of Yoga) Australia, France and Yoga has actually become the key for the next chapter of my life:

I became Yoga teacher, settled in Turkey, grounding myself in a beautiful place of 3 hectares which would become the “YUNUS EMRE FARM- YOGIC ECOLOGICAL FARM”

The project has started in 2007- but it took 9 months to take birth, at the same time i met permaculture thanks to some friends and internet, and found this would be with yoga the base of the farm.
After difficult beginnings i can say now that the farm is on its road of development according to yoga and permaculture philosophy...

A Place to SHARE and TRANSMIT the knowledge of YOGA and PERMACULTURE, and other like minded topics by organizing YOGA seminars- retreats , PERMACULTURE courses - and HOSTING other seminars
(we have organized the first Permaculture course in Turkey in 2009 with Steve Read - Now Permaculture is spreading in Turkey at high speed like everywhere else:o)

A Place where to LIVE in HARMONY WITH NATURE, according to the principles of YOGA and PERMACULTURE.
Thus life is very simple like yogic life, using permaculture principles for design, gardening, as far as i can do ...

The fields are planted with around 700 plants- shrubs- trees, which i try to look after to the best of my capapacities-
There is MUCH MORE to do

The WATER is an important topic and a LOT is still to do also about this.

Other project to realize: POTTERY, HANDY CRAFT, NURSERY, ANIMALS (donkeys, chicken and more..)
LOCAL PRODUCTS to make ... ....
Hopefully one day welcoming CHILDREN for Yoga Ecology camps ...

A lot is still to come,
There is a huge potential here,
Be it as activities, or space, people ...

The farm is situated 80 km north from Antalya, a modern city and very touristic place in South Turkey, yet the surroundings of the farm are absolute NATURE - FOREST - MOUNTAINS- LAKES -
The farm is easy to access and people from Europe and Turkey and other countries may come for courses, seminars, combining YOGA and Ecological tourism, or activities like donkey walks, cultural tours, handy craft making, pottery, etc etc ...

Now i feel ready to search for PARTNERS to share the place and its potential in a respectful way that would benefit to ALL.

Hope to hear from you soon...



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on the 12 september 2012 a huge forest fire devastated almost the whole farm.

Posted about 11 years ago (2 comments)


In YUNUS EMRE FARM we will be happy to host a new PERMACULTURE DESIGN COURSE 28 sept- 10 oct 2012 guided by SAVIANA PARODI- assisted by ADRIEN LEGRIS- English- Turkish and also French and Italian langages to be expected :o)

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My Permaculture Qualifications
permaculture design certificate course
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Teacher: Steve Read
Location: Yunus Emre farm - Turkey
Date: Jan 2009

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