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Travis Warner
Clare, Michigan, United States
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Cool Temperate
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Central Michigan Permaculture

Central Michigan Permaculture

Mount Pleasant, US


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Traverse City Permaculture Design Project Realeyes Homestead Elisha's Spring - A PermaEthos Farm 3/4 Acre Food Forest in North Texas
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About Travis Warner

Starting as a multi-generational farmer/gardener, I grew up with a deep appreciation for nature. As a child I learned without knowing it that I was observing the teacher. As we would pick wild berries, mushrooms etc. I noticed a pattern, locating more of nature's bounty was simple if you noticed the pattern. As a young adult working with some of the Amish and observing how they planted and harvested opposed to modern ag, I knew there was something better. Then discovering Permaculture, I had my answer.

Now as I look to the master to teach me, and observe what others have learned I am in the process of converting properties, restoring them and improving them, at the same time showing others around me what I have discovered.

I have taken several Permaculture courses and decided to not list here as I do not plan teaching a specific pdc. I do teach locally via classes, lectures, on-site examples, workshops etc. Also I teach the internet offering a radio show/podcast all about permaculture and going beyond.

I believe Permaculture is a spring board into the future not our end goal.


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