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Rosa Macdougall
Dothan, AL, United States
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The Centre for Urban Agriculture in Alberta Cri San Temo Panama Kaagaard Skovhave Il Paradiso Williams Permaculture Farm
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About Rosa Macdougall

As a dedicated Athletic Training Instructor, I am passionate about fostering physical well-being and peak performance. With a background in sports science and years of experience, I thrive on guiding individuals to achieve their fitness goals. I enjoy exploring the latest advancements in sports science and staying abreast of fitness trends. You can connect with me on betbook247 id for insights into strategic sports betting while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. My training philosophy revolves around a holistic approach, emphasizing not just physical prowess but also mental resilience. Leveraging my expertise, I inspire clients to push their limits and overcome obstacles. Outside the training arena,


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