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Ted Swagerty
Taipei, Taiwan
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Nong Weang Community Project Daruma Eco-Farm Permaculture and Resilience Initiative - Detroit Permaculture India Aranya Agricultural Alternatives Moringa Project (formerly Traditional Healthcare) Datam ProtoVillage Sadhana Forest India Swale Project Hamsah Roundstone Farms Heal The Soil CSA - India Punarvasu Farm Chaitraban Al Numeira Environmental Association
Alex Nikesch Campbell Burns Thomas Sommer Tyagaraja Welch
Geoff Lawton shaun plumtree Thomas Sommer
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About Ted Swagerty

I am deeply interested in Permaculture for a number of reasons. The first and the most obvious, is the fact that it is a sustainable way to live within our planet's natural capacity. This is the revolution we need in our lives if humanity is serious about preserving the planet and ourselves.

I am also attracted to Permaculture for a spiritual wholeness that I struggle to completely pin down. Growing your own food, harvesting rain water, drawing power through solar or biogas is returning to a more wholesome relationship with our natural environment that man has not had since before civilization.

I hope to travel through Asia and Europe learning as much as I can about small-scale energy projects and, of course, permaculture. However, I can't do it alone. I need help from the larger permaculture community to learn from and network through. I am excited by the possibilities that this site may offer and hope that it lends it self to a more durable future for everyone.


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