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Tyagaraja Welch
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Austin , Tx, United States
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Warm Temperate
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Chaitraban Panchavati Karumandurai Self Sustenance Farm Punarvasu Farm IVY Experimental Farm Hanuman's Garden Hamsah Marda Permaculture Farm, Palestine maemutgarden Permaculture Neighborhood Center Gaia University Northeast Permaculture Institute seghersecoplant; natural waterpurification systems and growery Strawberry Fields Eco Lodge Permaculture India
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About Tyagaraja Welch

My name is Tyagaraja, a name given to me by a teacher of a spiritual discipline. I study Vedic Heritage with a Monastic Sanskrit Scholar. My partner and I are the founders and CEO of Sustainable Humane Earth, serving a wide blanket of action with applied permaculture principals such as and not limited to: Classical Indian/Indigenous Art Forms, Permaculture Design and Education Centers, Music and Performance Art, Yoga/Meditation, and Community Building and Resource Sharing. We received our PDC from Regenerative Leadership Institute and have taken an intensive Earthworks workshop through Living Mandala with Mr. Geoff Lawton. We have deep interest and desire to participate in these efforts globally in a selfless manner. Our home is your home, please do reach out to us. So far SHE is active in a number of actions such as:

Perma-Garden and Education Center in Hutto Elementary School Hutto Tx

Austin Grows: a city project to take abandon city owned land and turn them into culturally appropriate community gardens.

Brite Green Future: a city of Austin project to bring education to at risk youth through sustainable design.

Austin Aquaponics: A commercial Aquaponics farm that is fully operational. SHE is acting as close partners in guiding the future sustainability efforts of the farm through: hands on permaculture design training and installations, internship, marketing and resource sharing, land rejuvenation and much more.

Art.Music.Life: AML is a festival completely produced and supported by SHE. It is the pinnacle of all the elements of the non-profit platform hosted in one event. Through this medium SHE aims to keep alive ancient science, culture and tradition and at the same time relate permaculture principals through art, music and dance. Like minded organizations, individuals, teachers, vendors and support is showcased at AML in order to further build the community and bind resources and hearts together.


"Sustainable Humane Earth" Permaculture and Sustainable Design in Austin Tx

Bringing Permaculture Design Principals to "Austin Aquaponics," a fully functional small commercial Aquaponics operation. Through a partnership with the nonprofit platform Sustainable Humane Earth, Austin Aqauponics is gifting the use of their 14 acre sp

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My Badges
Consultant Aid worker
My Permaculture Qualifications
Permaculture Design Certification
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: Regenerative Leadership Institute
Other Teachers: Geoff Lawton, Max Meyer, Jay Maa, Star Hawk, Mark Lakeman, Ravi of Dharmalaya
Location: Eugene Oregon, Bay Area California, Austin Tx
Date: Aug 2012
Other course verified
Type: Earthworks
Verifying teacher: Geoff Lawton
Other Teachers: Jay Ma, Max Meyere
Location: MA Center Bay Area California
Date: Oct 2012
Other course unverified
Aquaponics How To
Type: Other
Teacher: Rob Nash
Location: Austin Aquaponics
Date: Jan 2013
Other course verified
Aquaponics with Applied Permaculture
Type: Other
Teacher: Max Meyers
Location: Kindred Spirits Eugene Oregon
Date: Aug 2012
Placemaking/Community Building
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Teacher: Mark Lakeman
Location: Kindred Spirits Eugene Oregon
Date: Aug 2012

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