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Cecily Wolff
Auburn, WA, United States
Climate Zone:
Cool Temperate

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Green River Lodge

Green River Lodge

Auburn , US


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Swan Creek Park Food Forest Church/Community/Food Bank Garden
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About Cecily Wolff

I've resided in the Puget Sound area most of my life, working for local companies and volunteering for environmental and social causes. After meeting my mate Sean and traveling, we decided to settle back to our hometown roots. In 2003 we started a family and a business. I stayed home easing into the attachment parenting lifestyle while Sean ran our landscape maintenance company. Our goals were to provide a strong family bond, autonomy over our schedule and more equality in raising our family.

Our business vision matured in to an all natural company, using compost tea, organic fertilizers and chemical free herbicide. With our growing passion for permaculture we started collecting nursery stock focused on perennials/edibles and built a greenhouse. Sean progressed into more design/installation and focusing less on maintenance. By 2010 we both had earned our Permaculture Design Certificates, which launched Sean more firmly into his design work and me into searching for a deeper understanding of how to best support community and family structures.

We are currently residing in Auburn on a semi-urban plot of land, designing a sustainable system of land management and transforming usable land to produce food. As a homeschooling mama I personally have a heavy focus on applying permaculture techniques in social systems. I believe re-establishing our connection to ancient wisdom and translating it to our current culture is vital part of nurturing our land and community back to vibrancy.


My Badges
My Permaculture Qualifications
Other course unverified
Permaculture Teacher Training Course
Type: Teacher Training
Verifying teacher: Katherine Steele
Other Teachers: Benjamin Farher
Location: Seattle Tilth
Date: Nov 2010
Permaculture Design Course
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: Kelda Lorax
Other Teachers: Marisha Auerbach
Location: Tacoma
Date: Feb 2010

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