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About Polly Higgins

I am the lawyer campaigning to make Ecocide a crime, to protect the Earth's Right to Life.

In April 2010 I proposed to the United Nations that Ecocide be made a crime. In September 2010 my book, 'Eradicating Ecocide: Laws and Governance to Prevent the Destruction of our Planet', was published.

I spoke at the UK Permaculture Conference in London on 16th July about why I apply permie principles to the Law of Ecocide and how we can make permaculture the norm, not the exception through the introduction of Earth Law.

I have just returned from Turkey where I spent time at Yuva, an ecological centre and believer in permaculture (http://www.yuvaholidays.com) and I visited Patika, a permaculture centre where they hold training for children in nature studies, drama and the intrinsic values of life (http://www.patikadayolculuk.com). It is communities like this that I am very keen to visit on my travels.

You can visit my websites here:


For me permaculture people are the creators of the new world; with every seed we plant and with every step we take to create the world we want we are eradicating ecocide. Permaculture sits a the heart of my work; instead of creating a garden of Eden by planting trees and other plants, I am creating the trusteeship laws which will act as the companions to the laws of ownership. At the moment the scales of justice are out of balance and harmony. By advancing laws that place the emphasis on trusteeship, stewardship and guardianship we can create a world where our duty of care comes first.


Speaker Tour, 1st - 12th September 2011, NZ and Australia

I'll be speaking in New Zealand and Australia about Ecocide and I'd love to meet any local permies when I'm out there - do please come along and let me know who you are.

Posted almost 13 years ago (1 comments)

Ecocide v's Living Planet Trial

The proposed crime of environmental genocide to be tried at The Supreme Court London, Great Britain on Friday 30th September 2011 30 September 2011

Posted almost 13 years ago (1 comments)
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