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Eco-cabana biofilter progressing again

Posted by John Schinnerer almost 13 years ago

Back to work on final stages of blackwater-graywater system for this project.

The watson wick derived blackwater-graywater system for the Eco-cabana project is moving forward again. After completing other priorities for the builder, focus is back to this last major component of the dwelling systems.

Although I was not able to contact Tom Watson himself, I did talk with Kirby Fry, who provided invaluable additional information on evolution of wick designs over the years as well as well-educated guesses on modifications for a wet tropical location.

Yesterday, with all necessary materials at hand and the sub-grade leveled, the liner was put in. After that a couple inches of cinder fill was put in and leveled and then the infiltrators were installed. Picture of the current state of the wick below.

The lower portion of the wick is being lined because

1) the "soil" under the wick is very porous, fast-draining ripped lava rock. Most of the input would drain down more and and faster than it would wick up.

2) full containment of the bottom section of the wick will improve ability to monitor how well the wick is working as a self-contained system, especially in these "soil" conditions.

Remaining is to connect the input and overflow plumbing and then fill the excavation back up with layers of cinder, then cinder-soil, then mulch, then plantings!


John S.


Img 1907 800w600h

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