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Pizza Oven - cooking now!

Posted by Mariette Tuohey over 12 years ago

After waiting for a month or two for the mud to dry and the layers to settle, we have taken the next exciting step!

A couple of strong young men removed the sand mould - we all breathed a sigh of relief when the whole thing didn't collapse. Another couple of weeks' wait to allow the inside layer of the oven to dry some more, and then the first firing. Daryl had set up the paper and wood for a fire, which was lit by Ashwood College students on a Saturday morning in October. It burnt nice and hot!

For the next firing session we brought in potatoes, which we cooked in the ashes. We also harvested a white beetroot from the garden and stuck that into the ashes as well. Both potatoes and beetroot were delicious!

The possibilities are endless now: sourdough bread, cakes and desserts, meats and vegetables. We'll need to wait for a proper door before we can cook pizza, I think. Correct me if I'm wrong!

See you at the garden soon! Wednesday and Saturday mornings...

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