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Juan Manuel Burgos
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Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Cold Temperate
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Casa Cosmica

Casa Cosmica

Las Malvinas, AR


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Casa Cosmica - Initial implementation of the design completed!

Posted by Juan Manuel Burgos almost 12 years ago

Projected stage of the design completed!! :D It's now developing into further possibilites followed up by the dwellers of the place

How nice it is being able to see that all efforts, patience and perseverance put into action on a determined objective finally arrives to the envissioned status, even if not completed, but up to a point where you can consider a stage fulfilled and that from that point on, it will start to grow, and grow, and grow...sharing all the fruits with everyone.

Of course, the end of cycles and begining of new ones leaves many sensations inside us, every one of us that are a part of the shared dream. But inside us we know it's just another part of life, and that we'll meet each other again, sharing the happiness of being together, enjoying the abundance that mother nature and our hands have constructed, never doubting that a transition was possible, and in fact, it's real. It's True.

The place has gone into a resting cycle, specially since one of the couples living there it's about to give birth to a nice being coming to light in a conscious way, redifining the ritual of birth, recovering ancient traditions. We're all so happy about this. How different the lives of this newly born beings will be, conceived in a different way, received in contact with mother nature...as it should always have been. 

My last days there were dedicated fully to leave everything working with the less need for attention by this couple (they'll be alone for a while there so i felt it was important to keep things working at a minimum need of energy). The energy input was focused on finishing a small grey water treatment system, preparing the vegetable garden and seedlings for the autumn season and gathering materials for the compost toilet and heaps. Also i had the chance to share with the people a bit of the knowledge and experience obtained through my journies in permaculture practice, doing my firsts "official" courses on Compost Toilets and Composting process, and also an introduction to BIOintensive growing method. A very interesting experience that i hope it's just one step into this wonderfull world of sharing the information with the others, teaching and also being tought in the process. How much can you grow in a single day when you're open to possibilities and exchange of energy!!!

An update on the advancements in the project will be located on it's page. Hope it serves as inspiration to anyone starting a project, and also please don't doubt in sharing your impressions of the jobs done and opinions. More than welcome!!

Now it's time for new things, that's why things work out as they do, always in a perfect way, no matter how, when, or where. It has to be as it is.

I'm back at Bahia Blanca, preparing myself to start a new project nearby, at 10kms from the city in a small lot (20mtsx20mts). The idea is to create a suburban permaculture demostration center, a little House-School, where people can gather and learn about permaculture principles in it's whole development. Not only earth care, that's usually what people sees and think permaculture is, but also people care (Natural nutrition activities, meetings to speak about special topics on human relations, natural child birth talks, etc) and fair share (co-creating of a local cooperative for getting local goods, goods and services exchange, considering new ways of generating reciprocity) No doubt at all it's gonna be awesome and fun, and that many things will happen with this pulse i've been dreaming and dedicating some time as well, at least in paper, designing how i feel elements should be arranged on the location. I'll keep the community updated on this as well.

Everything flows, just as the river does going back to the sea. Our mission is to let the shore go, and as leaves floating, let everything settle down as it's own time and form, with us being just a part of that process, doing what we have to do, when we have to do it. And it'll be just fine.



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Consultant Aid worker
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Permaculture Design Course
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Teacher: Tierra Martinez
Location: Villa Serrana La Gruta
Date: Jul 2011
Other course unverified
Natural Building Course
Type: Other
Verifying teacher: Jorge Belanko
Other Teachers: Martin Monti, Damian Cardenas
Location: Bahia Blanca
Date: Oct 2010
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Natural Finishes Course
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Verifying teacher: Martin Monti
Other Teachers: Damian Cardenas
Location: Bahia Blanca
Date: Nov 2010
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Agua y Saneamiento Ecologico
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Verifying teacher: Francisco "Pancho" Torres
Other Teachers: Nicole Teschner
Location: Santiago del Estero
Date: Sep 2011
Other course verified
Grow BIOintensive
Type: Gardening
Teacher: Juan Manuel Martinez Valdez
Location: Santiago del Estero
Date: Sep 2011
Other course unverified
Organic Orchard
Type: Gardening
Teacher: Josefina Cacchiarelli
Location: Bahia Blanca
Date: Jul 2010
Other course unverified
Permaculture Teachers training
Type: Teacher Training
Verifying teacher: Javiera Carrion
Other Teachers: Paulina Avila, Grifen Hope
Location: El Bolson
Date: Mar 2014

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