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Juan Manuel Burgos
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Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Cold Temperate
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Casa Cosmica

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Compost Toilet Systems and Composting Workshop @ Casa Cosmica!

Posted by Juan Manuel Burgos over 12 years ago

A day dedicated to share the importance of changing our attitude towards Water Usage and our Wastes

The Cicle at Casa Cosmica wouldn't have been complete without sharing with the community and friends this amazing tool we have at hand, that completely changes our attitude and aproach to human "waste" managment and everything it's related to.

During this day, we dedicated our time to experience directly how human waste (our stools, kitchen scraps, and organic matter from any other part of the system) can be turned into a very important element and valuable resource in selfsuficient systems. In fact, something that we must keep in mind in order to make our design functional and stable.

Personally, i feel that any activity like this has to start with the seed of consciousness, puting in front of us the reality we live in, the context, and how our actions impact in that specific scenario. That's why we talked about how much water we use when we press the button on a conventional toilet system (10-15lts each time, that would be about 50lts each day, and around 20.000lts a year...more than we would drink in 25 years...) also the relationship of that single action with the whole. Black water being thrown into the oceans and rivers, untreated, with all it's risks and impact (here in argentina, a study on water and sewage shoed that only the 40% of gray and black waters is treated...). Moreover, how this is related with the food we get, the environment we live in, and how all this drives us into a state of madness were most don't even want to know all this is going on just in front of their eyes.

So, to show a different way, nothing better than analyze viable alternatives, that can be designed and placed into action not only in suburban and rural areas, but also on urban spaces. That's were compost toilets come into play, and i must say, with an astonishing amount of gratitude and willingness to help us change our minds and consciousness.

Of course, this wouldn't be complete if we do not fully take care of what composting is all about. Another simple tool, an appropiate technology at the reach of everyone, everywhere that makes a major shift in the way we see our wastes. They are a part of the cycle, just as nature shows as and teaches us. Nothing is garbage in nature, there's always one organisms or element waiting for that "waste" to be realeased in order to transform it into something useful for it and another element as well.

Personally, i firmly believe that this two simple tools are the basis of many changes in our lives. People get acquainted with the reality that a compost toilet it's not a deep pit full of flyes and smell, it can be a very pleasurable experience (as it has always been for our ancestors, and as we know by the way we feel when we use a compost toilet!), specially when you realize you're returning to mother earth everything that so kindly has been given in order to continue our existence in balance with the environment. That's gratitude and abundance my friends!

I thank all the people interested that came to the activity, for their energy input that allowed me and the project to carry on growing and walking this path of permaculture, and fortifying the links of the bioregional net we're developing each day, that grows and grows :) Also to the friends from Las Cañadas, that shared their powerpoint presentation "ya superaste la cacofobia" very useful to share the knowledge gained in these 4 years of experience with compost toilets i have and hope continues growing.

So, now everyone, get your bucket, some wood and start composting!!


May all be auspicious

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