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Juan Manuel Burgos
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Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Cold Temperate
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Projects Update - New cyle at Bahia Blanca

Posted by Juan Manuel Burgos over 12 years ago

When something has come to it's end, and a door it's closed, somewhere the universe opens a window ;)

I'm happy to share this with everyone. New possibilities have come into this nomadic permaculture path i'm following, entering a point in which i've decided and comited myself completely to returning what's been given to me in the past years, with all the experiences lived, and all the knowledge acquired along da way.

Leting everything go when it has reached a stage where one feels it's done, at least as far as it had been envisioned, it's the best attitude to adopt in order to keep the energy flowing freely and finding it's way to be channeled into something new. That's the way the universe works, and nature, it doesn't like blank spaces, so when it's sees a spot in where the energy stored has been used, and given back, and it's ready for some more action, it puts it's attention right there...and most of the times there's someone or something there waiting for that to happen.

This seems to be the case, once again, and happily being a part of it, with an empty glass ready for some more water :)

The project about to begin has been rolling for some time, on the shadows, patiently waiting for it's time to get some action and rise from the guts of the earth. Many things have happened during all this time for this auspicious situation to happen. It involves the city where i grew up, my familiy and friends (some from da 'ol times, and many from the new ones) It's really nice to feel the opportunity to fulfill what i feel as part of my destiny. It's not coincidence that for some reason or another i always end up around here, always with some new things to share. and i believe this time will be another interesting seed to be placed in here and see what happens.

The thing goes like this. My family has a small lot (400sq Mt) in the outskirts of the city, located in a little town (that looks more like a neighbourhood because how big the city has become) called grumbein, 10kms from the center of the city. Dirt roads, small houses, lots of trees...a classical suburban/semi-rural place. This little piece of land has nothing on it (or from another point of view, everything a permaculture designer would want!) so it's ready and waiting for an integral and holistic aproach on land usage. That's something i've been working on for some time, not knowing when i would be starting, but at least thinking on how to start if the time arrived. Some time ago i did a survey on the site, draw some plans, and started designing and throwing some ideas on paper, visioning how it would look like, how it would work, what would be the needs if i started something there, what would happen on there, etc. That lead me to the ideas i'm actually considering to put into action there.

The idea is basically start something like a House-School where people can start meeting with each other and learn different ways to relate both between them and with the environment. Permaculture, of course, it's the main guide and inspiration for this to happen, stepping firmly on it's ethics to sustain the project. With this in mind, i hope it becomes a place where a small transition intiative could be started, where all the aspects of permaculture can be applied at every level.

Earth Care it's just a part of it, workshops on Compost Toilets, Composting, organic gardening, Suistainable practices, Appropiate technologies, Natural Building and so long are part of this base, but also everything related to human relations and well being. Holistic aproach to relationships, yoga practices, Full moon gatherings, Natural and Conscious nutrition, Meditation practices, Kirtans, Circles of women, etc, are the stepping stones of what's flying and moving inside to be manifested. And of course, fair share as well, puting the energy into creating another way of exchanging goods, knowledge, services and everything that each of us is and has to share with the community in order to make it stronger, resilient, and ready for the transition we're gradually (and pretty quickly sometimes) doing. Bring together Local organic farmers and producers, contacting them with the people, and opening a space where everyone can meet and celebrate the joy of life, of natural life.

Actually the place has a small construction about to be completed. There's a structure holding a straw roof (resembling a traditional argentinian Quincho, as we call it, I posted some pictures of it at the end of this update). And the first thing that's going to happen it's a Natural Building workshop, held by Martin Monti, disciple of Jorge Belanko and a great worker/warrior with plenty of will, ideas and energy. We're more than happy that he liked the idea to share his experience from his travels around Latin America, building and learning all along the way. This will be together with a Composting Toilet and Composting workshop, so as to leave everythig ready for the building action that will take some time, and we all hope it can open it's doors completely soon for the rest of the project to continue growing.

Of course it will take time, as everything does. For me it's very interesting, since i've been traveling all around since the last 3 or 4 years, so it invites me to stay for a while, and see a project start, grow, and develop, as i have not been able to experience in other projects i've participated or started. Definately it's a big and important part of a designer experience to see how things work out in the long run so as to confront the knowledge with the experience and turn it into wisdom. It's the only way to grow in every aspect of ones life.

The support of my family encourages me enormously, specially when i recall our experiences in the past years. It's amazing how deeply relations can be healed when you open your heart to it, and let everything go and flow just as the river, directly into the sea, without holding to anything. Profound and beautiful changes happen, in both parts, and the energy is renewed. I had the chance to share some natural building experience with my parents, and that's definately worh keeping in my heart and mind forever, and a huge sign that things are changing, are different, for all of us, everywhere, everytime. It's just a matter of being open to it.

So, this is it, where i'm now and where my energy it's devoted to. I wanted to open a profile for this project, but the name of it has not being channeled yet :P as soon as it happens, i'll open it and from then on start updating there with every new i can.

Some pictures of the space can be seen attached at the end, and later on i'll try to scan the design i have in mind.

A new cycle it's starting, a fruifull and auspicious cycle.

May the abundance walks along us!!


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Date: Mar 2014

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