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Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape, South Africa
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Warm Temperate

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Posted by loiseau romain about 12 years ago

back to south africa: ''greenagain permaculture''

so back to south africa


after having spend a full year in france on my family's propety, i decided to come back in the south hemisphere.with my beautiful wife, we decided to stay in s.a for differents raisons, and actually, i like it. i like the harsh conditions of climate that bring chalenges that arise stronger here than in Europe. the better conditions of living made our choice easier.

it quite something to travel all around, up down, down up. something great to go and learn, something bigger than you that carry you and take you where you nee to be but the pull for a home 


anyways, in France i started fews projects and did some design work. i implemente a beautiful design in a urban condition where people are now coming and see what actually PERMACULTURE is in application. the reality is that in france, permaculture isn't so well known and for my side, i did spend a year, giving small workshops and talking around, giving advices, talks, designs...it was so good to help people from my country, espacially the one that were struggling on their land. so good to come with a tool that bring curiosity to people, friends and family.

i try to follow what i started throught others that are in france and could continu the work throught education and practise. bonne chance!

on this side, i still keep on doing design services (like before we left) and also updating a curriculum in a small course (introduction to permaculture to emphasizing the principles of permaculture).

i come to this country (south africa) with a new tool to me which was regenAG. i went to england and did a workshop which was a wonderfull experience as the ipc in jordan where i met amazing people and good friends now.

i'm now, going toward big acre farming design as it a strong pull in me. it's like having and discovering the chance to be a 'farmer again' after had left thoses deep roots some years ago from the family farm.

yes, a full year of learning and networking, studying and practicing.

yet, another one came with social and climate challenges under the south african sun.


more to come








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My Permaculture Qualifications
permaculture education africa
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: Kent Muhammad Tahir Cooper
Other Teachers: Alex Kruger
Location: berg-en-dal ecovillage
Date: Oct 2010
Other course unverified
eco village design course
Type: Permaculture Diploma
Teacher: Kent Muhammad Tahir Cooper
Location: khula dhamma eco community
Date: Jan 2010

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