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Changing the the system "from the inside" at Parow High School

Posted by Verity Bachmann over 11 years ago

"Vee voor jou eie deur" - an Afrikaans wordplay meaning to first look at one's own faults before trying to fix others'

After reading a recent post by one of the other members of this forum (Nam-Ha Quach), I thought I'd share my attempts at changing the "system" from the inside...

I am also a secondary school teacher and since the full concept of Permaculture is still a bit "fare out" for many people, I thought of rather incorporating some Permaculture principles in our everyday school activities - without labelling as "Permaculture". So far so good!

We have joined Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots foundation that follow principles similar to the basic Permaculture values of Eath Care and People Care. (For those looking for great ideas and support with environmental care and people care projects I would highly reccomend joining Roots & Shoots. They provide excellent support, resources and contacts.

Here are some images of the beautiful door decorations our learners made in our "Vee voor jou eie deur"-campaign. The "Vee voor jou eie deur"-campaign was part of an environmental awareness week, called "Green Week".

Img 3051 Img 2990 Img 3007 Img 2987 Img 3003 Img 3004 Img 3002 Img 3017 Img 3018

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Permaculture Design Certificate
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Teacher: April Sampson-Kelly
Location: South Africa
Date: Jun 2011

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