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Olof Jönnerstig
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Nimbin, NSW, Australia
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Sub tropical
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PDC Project

Posted by Olof Jönnerstig over 9 years ago

My first pdc project.

Pdc Project
Measurements and statistics
Klimate: Mediterranean Sub Tropical
Plot size : 322.165m2
Distance to the sea: 2.30848 km
Longitude 36 23969 - Latitude -5 3404
Average temperatures: Summer,max 40C min 9C Winter, max 25C 2C
Humidity Summer, 75% Min Winter, 80%
Wind direction: may to nov South eastern, nov to may North western,
Wind speed: 6.5 miles per hour suitable for wind power
Slope/ Topography: The topography ranges form 140m at the highest
point to 100m above sea level
Precipitation: 800 - 1200

I chose the plot because it is in prime location to become a demonstration site.
It is located just on the end of costa del sol in spain. The neighbours is a quite popular golf club and holiday resort.
The a permaculture plot in this location could spark a great interest in holiday makers and locals alike.Currently its being used as a large pasture for cattle. Which sadly means it has been over grazed and deforested, thus compacting the soil and making it look quite scruffy and Barron.

Although the plot has great potential and should be able to do a complete 360. It benefits a lot form a moderate temperatures due to its close proximity to the coast. Also in my research I have not found any evidence of frost. The minimum Temperature recorded is 2C degrees acording to http://weatherspark.com.

This means that there is great possibility to grow a large verity of tropical and Sub topical fruits and crops. Some Microclimate creations might be of help though. In the local villages they grow a lot of tropical fruit like avocados, mangos, guavas, custard apples, passion fruit, bananas and papaya

On this coast there is a local weather phenomenon called the levatne winch is a fog or mist blown in form the Mediterranean sea and it appears all year around. The Influx of moisture makes it a lot greener than other parts of Andalusia. Im considering it a definite energy that we I would like invite to the plot. I would capture it with the use of fog catchers to boost the uptake of water even further.


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