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Permacutlure Intenationale projects

Posted by Bernard Alonso about 13 years ago

Bernard Alonso was trained in Permaculture at the Kootenay Permaculture Institute (BC) with Grégoire Lamoureux, Émilia Hazelip, and later with Dave Jacke, the acclaimed author of Edible Forest Gardens. He further developed his experience by applying the p

There is an english translation on web site www.permacultureinternationale.com


Flying Teams,

Les Équipes Volantes,

Los équipos Volantes.

Open to everyone who has completed a classic Permaculture Design Course anywhere in the world. 

The Flying Teams were created to facilitate the active application of Permaculture and to make these practices accessible everywhere on the planet. Through this concrete action, graduates of Permaculture Design Courses can, with the supervision of experienced professional Permaculturalists, learn techniques and gain unparalleled practical experience on site. At the same time they will be trained to lead projects with an approach that is respectful in every regard, and they will learn creative and dynamic pedagogical methods to help them teach others.

The projects are chosen for their humanitarian character and their sustainable perspective. They may leave tangible results that are useful in meeting the needs of the community, through the ecological application of the three ethics that are the foundation of Permaculture.

How does it work?


You are in groups of 4 or 5 people, matched with indigenous peoples from the community who are disadvantaged or who have learning difficulties. As a team, you put into practice a design that you create, based on the principles of Permaculture and your observations of the environment in which you find yourself.


(See Guatemala apprenticeship).

  1. The local participants learn about Permaculture through mimicry, as well as its application to ecosystems in their region.
  2. Each individual develops solidarity and teamwork, and is reconnected with their own power to act and carry out practical actions, without necessarily following a traditional academic path.
  3. You develop the ability to meet your basic needs in an ecological and sustainable manner (food, shelter, housing, etc).
  4. You develop self-sufficiency for food production.
  5. You create connections in the community.
  6. You come to know the local resources.
  7. You develop cooperation.


Expected benefits for you:


1.    With the help of professionals who have already acquired a wealth of experience in Permaculture, you practice and develop your expertise.

2.    You are taught through dynamic teaching methods that encourage and develop creativity in the group. 

3.    You learn to master the management of sustainable "Eco-Economic" systems.

4.    You develop your ability to work in a team and to lead teams. 

5.    You build solidarity and you apply the three fundamental ethics of Permaculture.

6.    You practice using your right brain, and develop your full potential to inspire the team of which you are a part.

7.   You self-finance part or all of your experience (see fundraising).



For a Permaculturalist it is crucial to integrate and to observe ecosystems as they operate; their viability and function is the same everywhere on the planet; the principles of Permaculture are applicable wherever there is LIFE...

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Location: Epworth Retreat Center, High Falls New York
Date: Mar 2009
Permacutlure Design Course
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Teacher: Grégoire Lamoureux BC Canada
Location: École de la Mère Nature Rougemont, Quebec Canadan
Date: May 1994
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