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Posted by Reesa Ryan about 13 years ago

From the garden and utter to the dinner table ... An internship with Elisabeth Fekonia integrates traditional food production with permaculture.

Many societies around the world and throughout history use various forms of lactic fermentation to add valuable nutrition to their diets. These traditions of fermenting legumes, grains and dairy have been all but abandoned by modern supermarket dominated food production. Yogurt with one or two cultures is the only remaining common example--much to the health detriment of ordinary people.


In this age of rampant use of anti-biotics (anti-life) it is even more important to introduce the widest variety of good bugs back into the body. The best and tastiest way to do this is with lacto-fermented food. Sauerkraut and kim-chi, cultured butter and cheese, kefir and yogurt, miso and tempeh all add valuable nutrition and gut flora, the good bacteria we all need for a long, active and healthy life.


Sauerkraut can have up to 10 times more vitamin C than the cabbage that went into making it and has B vitamins that the cabbage does not have. Sourdough bread is nutritious and easily digestible.


Lacto-fermentation adds enzymes and also breaks down cell walls in plants and makes the plant proteins digestible. It also neutralizes the anti-nutritional effects of phytic acid, protease inhibitors and other toxic elements in soy.


Lacto-fermented food is an excellent permaculture example of many uses and benefits!


See Elisabeth's web site:  www.permacultureproduce.com.au

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Mark Brown
Mark Brown : Thanks for posting - this is where we live and it was great to be home.
Posted about 13 years ago

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