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Jo Morandin
Feldballe, Rønde, Denmark
Climate Zone:
Cold Temperate

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About Jo Morandin

I discovered permaculture as a teenager, and it made sense to me as my roots are in Italian backyard self-sufficiency - my parents being first generation Australians.
I explored dry-arid permaculture in South Australia, where I love the amazing, supportive, social community that has blossomed in the permaculture networks there.

Now I have made a shift in the opposite direction, trying to work out how to live well in cold damp Denmark, where the garden is sleeping half the year, and everything is moving in an annual instead of daily cycle.

I live on a mortgage-free community in Jutland and work mostly organising courses and workshops. The last two years I've been organising courses for Permaculture educators.
We also work with Finnish masonary stoves, strawbale buildings, clay plasters and low-budget living.

I enjoy the possibilities that living on a community gives, and seeing how good a place it is for my kids to grow up in.


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