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About Linda George

I am planning to design a model permaculture site on Vancouver Island, Canada...I have found a few possible sites...it is a exciting, somewhat daunting venture...and I need to further self educate soooon.

...I am wondering about doing a Permaculture Diploma. The piece of paper is not too important to me... but I would very much like to learn more of the theory and practical applications.

A bit about my permaculture related passions:
Since retiring, I have helped hand build a low-embodied energy cob house (3 years in the making); including a hydrophilic humanure system, greywater treatment. Also, I’ve been very involved in designing/implementing organic vegetable gardens on slopes using deep composted swales for moisture retention and microbial growth. The composted humanure goes around the dripline of the fruit trees. The graywater keeps the elderberries happy. Overall, the trial/error results have been interesting, abundant, and yummy...leaving me wanting to experiment further!

Formally, I have a background in environmental education (MA education); I am a qualified LEED AP (energy efficient design) and have worked for 2 years in a Green Roof/Biowall Research Facility. I have also worked with over 50 school communities to improve the natural play, shade and habitat value of their grounds. (...so I am used to community consultations, site assessment, and concept planning for large spaces).

Getting qualified in Permaculture seems to be the next natural step...

In the meanwhile, I am learning what I can through readings, observation and practice. I am currently in New Zealand visiting family and checking out training options. Any help/advice anyone can give me in sorting out the various choices would be appreciated.


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