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Abdullah Shishakly


  • Joined: 14/11/2012
  • Location: Arlington, Texas, United States
  • Climate Zone: Warm Temperate
  • Gender: Male

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    PRI Zaytuna Farm, NSW, Australia Community Cultivators East Fort Worth Montessori Academy Permaculture Project Permaculture Institute  School of Permaculture Suburban Site



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About Abdullah Shishakly

I have always had an interest in being self-sufficient and living with the land but I always found modern agriculture to be the wrong thing.

I heard about Permaculture in my university and began doing research on it. I found out that it was exactly what I've been looking for, so once I graduated I took a PDC with Geoff Lawton am confident in my design skills.

I am a consultant and designer In Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and New Mexico. I plan to become a PRI registered teacher and open the PRI Texas in the coming years.