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Fairland, OK, United States
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Fairland, US


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Food Forest Workshop at Wild Thyme Farm

Posted by Kelda Lorax about 13 years ago

Spend a weekend at a dynamic permaculture site learning the tricks of the trade!

Food Forest Workshop at Wild Thyme Farm
Weekend of April 29-May 1
Cost: $160 early bird price, see below for pricing structure
Register soon! Space limited to about 20 participants.

Spend a weekend at a dynamic permaculture site learning the tricks of the

Food production and ecology come together in the permaculture concept of a
food forest. Using nature as our template, these intentional ecosystems
offer an abundance of food, medicine, habitat, and so much more. Please
join us for this workshop and learn how you can apply permaculture
principles in a high-yielding orchard with diverse understory and minimize
your work over time. Learn design strategies for creating guilds, smooth
succession, and ease in harvest. Attract wildlife and grow plants that
create self-renewing fertility for your garden.

This workshop will discuss the permaculture concept of Food Forests. We
will discuss species selection, community dynamics, various methods of
implementing a Food Forest for the home landscape. We will spend the
afternoons with hands-on work in the Food Forest to implement some of the
techniques discussed.

Some of the topics to be covered:

* Ecological design
* Plant identification
* Designing guilds
* Role of dynamic accumulators
* Great perennials for this region
* Implementation strategies
* Pruning and maintenance schedules
* Attracting beneficial insects
* Working with wildlife issues
* Phase planning

Instructors: Marisha Auerbach and Kelda Miller

When: Friday, April 29 – Sunday, May 1
7pm Friday till 3pm Sunday

Where: Wild Thyme Farm
Oakville, outside of Olympia, WA

What: Instruction will include slideshows, discussion, lecture, tours, and hands-on practicums.

Wild Thyme Farm has an orchard from the original homesteaders. Food forest concepts have been applied to this landscape since 1994. You will have the opportunity to observe and learn from the results of implementing design concepts over the last 17 years.

Cost:  $160 if registered by 3/28
$175 if by 4/15
$200 after 4/15
Price includes accommodations, all meals, and access to the retreat center’s facilities.

More info, and to register:
Marisha Auerbach 360-273-7117
[email protected]

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Posted 2 months ago

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