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I have seen the land.

Posted by Jan Zijlstra about 13 years ago

How wonderful it is to see the land for the first time where you can put Permaculture into practice.

Although there was quite a bit of snow on the south side of Vodno, The mountain separating our place from Skopje, on our land there was nearly none.

Our piece of land lays about 1 km from the village Govrlevo. It is well accessible by the paved road leading to that village. From the corner of that road it is about 100 meters on a dirt road. Although this road is a bit muddy at the moment, for sure you can drive there as well in the dry season.

It is clear that the land has not been worked on much the last few years. Saying this, the few vines on it are nicely trimmed. There are a few trees on the land and a well. The water level in the well is about 10 meters from the top. The top soil felt pretty loose when we walked on it, so this makes it a bit easier to work on.

So it looks like our piece of land gives us wonderful opportunities to try out our Permaculture skills and for sure it gives us loads of possibilities to make experiments and to learn a lot from them. I can not wait to get started.

The surrounding of the land is very beautiful as well. We walked up to the village Govrlevo, where there are quite a few abandoned houses. It might be worthwhile to look if we can find a place for us there. For a start we already made friends with two dogs there. Although it was quite a cloudy day, it is obvious the view is stunning.

I myself would have loved to been given the possibility to get some practice or follow a course in 'how to start from scratch if you have acquired some land'. Here the reality starts and I guess a lot of people do not know what and how to do first. We all have a chance to learn here and we now have the opportunity to share the whole experience with people who are interested. So the idea was born to start immediately to give some kind of workshop addressing this issue. If the weather allows us we might give Saturday our first workshop on the field; land observation. I’ll keep you informed.

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