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Summer Internship at Higher Elevation Permaculture

Posted by Christian Shearer over 8 years ago

We're looking for four apprentices for the summer at our permaculture project in the Tetons, USA.


Click the link above for the original page.

doublerainbow teepee

Summer Apprenticeship At Higher Elevation Permaculture

 Higher Elevation Permaculture is looking for 4 summer apprentices!  This is an amazing opportunity to grow and expand on your permaculture skills.  The summer season here runs from June until the end of August, and if you like, there is the possibility of staying on into september.  20140606_171727

June 1 – August 31, 2015

There is a lot going on here that is pretty awesome and exciting, and perfect for getting lots of hands on experience:

  • The continuation and finishing of an earthship style home-  There is going to be lots of natural plaster happening, building a sun room and a sauna off the front of the house, and other finishing details.
  • Gardening and food production-  We already have a lot of established gardens, and in the spring we will be starting to plan and plant out our 30 by 72' high tunnel.  
  • Tree planting-  We have a wide variety of fruit trees and native trees that we are using for food forests, landscaping and windbreaks.  They need to get planted this coming year so they won't outgrow their pots!
  • Animal systems- We currently have chickens, sheep, and every summer we get pigs.  We rotational graze the sheep, and often times the chickens and pigs as well.  We are always excited to expand on the animal systems on the farm. 
  • Planning and landscaping zone 1 area- The area in front of the earthship is a blank slate currently.  We would love to start the installation of paths, irrigation lines, beds and aesthetic beauty.  We are so ecxited to see a beautiful and functional space that incorporates the idea of Christopher Alexander's A Pattern Language along with the permaculture ideas of terraced beds on contour.  We envision a great mix of natural elements (stones, logs, etc) along with a mix of aesthetic and productive perennials and annuals.


Other exciting things that will be going on here this summer are:

Who are the ideal applicants for this position?


  • Ideally apprentices already have taken the PDC course.  This is the perfect setting to expand on your skills.
  • Self-direction and motivation – We are excited to have people on the land that are capable of heading up a task or project, as well as being enthused about it.   
  • Experience living in a communal setting- you will be living with other people all summer, and at times with a large group.  This can present various challenges for people.  
  • Motivated to get out into the mountains and explore the amazing area we live in- This is one of the most beautiful places on earth (in my opinion), and it has a lot to offer as far as recreation.  We love seeing people get off property and exploring!


What is included and expected in this opportunity?

  • We ask that you commit to 30 hours of work a week.  This leaves ample time to enjoy the area and have your own time!
  • IMG_20140711_153259Helping with the Permaculture Design Course.  During the PDC in August, you will be asked to share the cooking duties.  This will be for lunch and dinner, and shared between 4-6 people.  We also need support in leading the morning hands-on sessions with the students.   Whenever you are not helping with the course you are welcome to sit in and take part in any of the classes.
  • We will provide basic food for the kitchen, and of course you can eat all you like out of the gardens. There are fresh eggs usually available, and you will get to occasionally indulge in some pork from the freezer (from our pigs last summer).
  • We provide an outdoor kitchen space, outdoor showers, a composting toilet and a couple different places for hang out and relaxation.  You provide a tent (that can withstand wind and weather) and all your own sleeping gear. 
  • This is a vibrant and enriching environment, we have fun, work hard and enjoy our down time.  This is not a party atmosphere (although we enjoy a good time), and we ask that you respect our home and our neighbors.  


Other relevant information:

We live at 6500 feet elevation.  Being so high in elevation means we can get very extreme weather all year round.  We can have snow in May, and we get our last frost sometime mid June.  We can also get frosts, snow and hail in July and August (although it doesn't happen too often)!  Even in the middle of summer, nights get down into the 40's and 50's.  Summers can be hot with temps usually from 75-85 degrees during the day.  We also get amazing thunderstorms, which can roll in pretty quickly in the afternoon.   Living out of a tent can be challenging, and we just want you to know what you may experience. 

Teton Mountain Range

The nearest town is about 2.5 miles by bike and has all ammenities (yoga, restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops etc).  There are hiking and biking trails very near to our property, though not quite in walking distance.  Having your own wheels can offer you great freedom to get out and do things. There are numerous music festivals and events during the summer.  Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone are very near here and we highly recommend exploring them!

Apply now for one of these Internship positions.

Because we will be living and working with these interns for the whole summer, we are going to accept applications and conduct interviews with a number of candidates.  We don't have a set date for final selections,  but will be accepting the right people for these positions as they apply.  

IMG_1318Please get your application in as soon as you can to have the greatest chance of securing one of the spots.  

To start the process of applying please answer the questions at this questionaire:

Click here:  REGISTER NOW!  

or copy and paste this into your browser:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1rrPAPZyJ9C2qM2WvGCHdkWvc_x1xlseN6o8dm97NWHY/viewform?usp=send_form

Thanks so much for your interest in helping out and learning at our site!


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