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Gualchos, Granada, Spain
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Regenerative Living course: Permaculture & Natural Building - Nov/Dec, Spain

Posted by Karen De Vries almost 8 years ago


This is an innovative and unique course on how to start living regeneratively - using permaculture and natural building. In Part 1 you will learn the basics of permaculture design and apply it immediately in daily practical activities. In Part 2 you will enter the world of natural building for beginners. You can choose to attend one or both parts of the course and we will tailor activities to participants interests. Come and share in the long term experience of international teachers Alex Kruger (Permaculture Designer & Consultant) and Neil Smith (Natural Building legend), along with the professional team at La Loma Viva.

This course aims to provide people with many of the skills needed to live not only more sustainably but regeneratively! These essential skills can be applied in your own personal life and beyond - to design the life you want, to become more connected to the natural world and have a positive influence in your community and with your actions. Learn how to grow your own nutritious food, become more independent and self-reliant, build from natural materials, develop new abilities and become part of a global movement for change!  

We will also bring in people care elements of permaculture, including cultural emergence and leadership training, nature awareness, mindfulness and applying ecological principles to designing your life. During your time with us you will enjoy amazing fresh organic food from our gardens, experience life on a permaculture farm, have fun in nature and be inspired by like minded people! 

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