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Karen De Vries
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Gualchos, Granada, Spain
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About Karen De Vries

Karen is the co-founder and manager of La Loma Viva since 2009. Her and Ryan have been involved in all aspects of setting up the Permaculture project and retreat centre here. Together they have designed and implemented all the current systems and infrastructure - developing their skills and understanding of Permaculture in the process. They have also done a number of private design projects in southern Spain.

As well as loving to get her hands in the earth, Karen is really interested in developing the People Care aspect of Permaculture, incorporating her academic background in Psychology and Medical Anthropology. Karen is keen to incorporate “growing people” and “food as medicine” into her work at La Loma.

It was on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2007 that Karen was introduced to Permaculture by a host of renowned teachers, led by Penny Livingston. She decided then that there was no better vocation and no more exciting task on the planet!
She continued with Applied Permaculture and Facilitation in her home country of South Africa with SEED - an inspiring environmental group using Permaculture in schools, educating and feeding students in impoverished areas and townships. Karen then did another design course with Geoff Lawton and Bill Mollison in Istanbul in 2010 and an Earthworks course with Geoff in Morocco in 2012.

Karen wants to create a functioning model of the possibilities and potential of Permaculture here at La Loma - involving the local community, providing education, running courses and re-habilitating the landscape.


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Verifying teacher: Rowe Morrow
Other Teachers: Looby Mcnamara, Chris Evans
Location: Applewood - the Golden Valley Permaculture Centre
Date: Aug 2015
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