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Ignazio Schettini
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Bari, Puglia, Italy
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"l'altra scuola" garden

"l'altra scuola" garden

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Posted by Ignazio Schettini almost 8 years ago

I have just been at the EUPC in Bolsena.

First time in Italy for an EUPC and first time for me too. Too what? To a permaculture event in Italy of course!

I have been between UK and AU for almost 10 years and at the time I did not know about permaculture.

Now I do. I know what it means, its aims, its founders and who is now pushing permaculture up around the world, Geoff Lawton and all of us with him. 

I was honored to be in Bolsena, amongs the big names of the people who run the movement in Italy, Accademia e Istituto Italiano di Permacultura, to present an Italian version of the Bible written by Bill.

Everybody was just electrified, people could not believe it.

International PEOPLE or just good English speakers knew about it, read it. All of them had a chance to really appreciate the marvollous stories and scientific topics all connected into one beautiful Manual which gives you tips on HOW TO build the world we want to live. 

My Italian friends though cannot get that meaning so they want it to be translated. They told me that in Bolsena.

Bolsena was a fantastic chance for us, www.mediperlab.com, to launch our crowdfundign campaign on www.buonacausa.org/cause/manuale 

It was also a chance for all us. Infact, to make sure it gets published we need a bit of good effort from each one of us. It does not need much from each one if all of us get involved.

Wish me lack, I am going back to work now ;) 


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taylo elle
taylo elle : Discover the art of precision drifting in Drift Hunters ' realistic gameplay.
Posted 2 months ago

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Anita Marsh
Anita Marsh : Actually, it will take a little bit of hard work from everyone of us to ensure that it is published. If we are all involved snow rider, it doesn't require much of us.
Posted 29 days ago

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Laboratorio di Permacultura Mediterranea: principi di ecologia applicati al territorio.
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Verifying teacher: Rhamis Kent
Other Teachers: Saviana Parodi, Doug Crouch, Stefano Mattei
Location: Bari
Date: Oct 2013
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Date: Mar 2014
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Teacher: Bill Mollison
Location: Tagari Garden Farm, Tasmania, Australia
Date: Jun 2014

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