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Second Urban PDC over 6 weekends in Nairobi this April!

Posted by Sheena Shah about 7 years ago

PRI Kenya ran its very FIRST successful urban Permaculture Design Certification Course (PDC) in 2016 which was spread over seven weekends.

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This year’s Nairobi PDC will be spread out over 6 weekends from starting April 22nd to June 4th, 2017 in partnership with Helene Maremma – INKS (Indigenous & Innovative Knowledge Systems) .  The course will cover all the main areas of permaculture including design techniques and principles to establish small scale, flourishing eco systems by increasing biodiversity and creating sustainable, regenerative, holistic systems.   Through a combination of theory and hands on practicals, we cover climate adapted strategies; water management; soil building ; food forestry and small scale strategic forestry; earthworks; green energy; urban techniques; organic gardening and permaculture techniques  (making natural fertilizers, integrated pest management, intercropping etc) and much more.  In addition, this year we are offering some exciting intensive workshops in vermiculture (worm farming), mushroom cultivation, beekeeping with experts in the field. Participants work on designing their own project throughout the course with and learn the skills to successfully implements their design projects. 

The course is designed to be an equal part of theory and practicals so participants should expect to do some physical work and get a bit dirty.  The style of the course is interactive and students are expected to do the assigned readings to get the most out of the experience and also to participate in the class activities, discussions and workshops. 
This course is designed for a wide variety of people – development professionals, environmentalists, people with an interest in eco-friendly farming, land development, gardening as well eco lodge and business owners, land and home owners who want to experience more abundance while caring for their land and environment. 
The course is suitable to all self-motivated people who have a keen interest and passion in learning how live more sustainably and to create systems that reverse environmental degradation, minimize carbon footprint and waste while enhancing healthy eco systems through permaculture techniques and principles.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn about a way of life that focuses on creating abundance and self-reliance while caring for the earth, the larger community and working in harmony with the eco system, then this course is for you! Participants will come away with a lot of hands on skills that they can implement right away as well as a body of knowledge that allows them to understand the ecological processes at work around them and how they, as individuals, can have a more positive impact on a local and global scale.



Cost :

We also welcome anyone wanting to attend just certain sessions/weekends of the PDC however to receive the end PDC certificate, you must take the full PDC. 

Weekend sessions – KSH 8,000 per weekend

Full Six Week PDC KSH 45,000

(Fees are inclusive of all meals, tea breaks and certification. Note that we will send more information on all sites and add in options of carpooling together closer to the start date)

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Course Schedule (subject to change)

Apr 22nd& 23rd: Intro to Permaculture, Concepts & Design Methods. Venue: Bric a Brac, Karen

May 6th: Soils. Intensive workshop on composting, mulching, making natural liquid fertilisers, plant teas and soil building.

May 7th: Vermiculture workshop. Benefits of vermiculture. Starting and maintaining a worm farm. Using worm castings and tea for soil building and natural fertilizers. Rob McIntyre

Venue: Bric a Brac, Karen

May 13th: Garden practicals: Making beds, urban gardening techniques, plant propagation, companion  planting,  inter-cropping, integrated pest management (IPM)

May 14th: Water management methods, climate adapted strategies, earthworks, food fores

Venue: Bric a Brac, Karen

May 20th:  Trees and forestry. Plant identification and herbarium techniques. Nursey management. Tree propagation.Guest facilitator: John Ndege

May 21st: Design workshop. Renewable Energy. Biogas site visit with Dominic Wanjihia 

Bric a Brac, Karen and Flexibiogas, Karen

May 27th & May 28: Apiculture (Beekeeping). Ngong 

June 3 & 4th: Mushroom cultivation. Benefits and types of mushrooms.  Mushroom growing houses and Production. Harvest and post harvest handling. Mushroom industry.Guest trainer: Nyawira Gitaka

June 4th: Pizza party & Certification ceremony

Bric a Brac, Karen

Sign up HERE

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Date: Feb 2014

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