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David Garner
Columbus, Ga, United States
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Warm Temperate
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Terra Perma Cedar House Inn Demonstration Project Alaskan Eco Escape Permaculture Center
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About David Garner

I grew up on a small homestead/farm/garden in north Alabama. We raised about a dozen types of poultry, plus pigs, goats, emus and occasionally a cow or horse. I was educated in Architecture at Auburn University. I have lived in Alabama, Oklahoma, georgia, south carolina, and alaska.

This past winter, 2010-2011, while looking into new to me gardening techniques of deep mulch gardening, I keep seeing Permaculture pop up. After a maddening search online without finding much of use (lots of stories and pretty pictures but no explanations), I started looking for books. After about a half dozen early, Australian, permaculture books I was sold on the general idea, but wishing for something that focused more on the plants and animals that were available to me (and to not have to swap north for south and vice versa). I finally found Gaia's Garden and Edible Forest Gardening, which are both written for a north american audience. Now I had the information I needed to proceed, just not the funds. I recently, dec. 2011, found this site with several Georgia based permaculture practitioners and a teacher or two within a half day's drive.

I currently have a deep mulch garden in my zone 1, right outside my back door. What a difference that has made. I have also planted over a dozen fruiting trees on my small lot. At the moment I am at a bit of a stand still. I live in a rented house/land and have limited funds for buying many of the perennial plants/herbs/veggies and limited access to those perennials except online. I would like to take some permaculture courses, and eventually become a teacher.


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