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Reed Burnam
Austin, TX, United States
Climate Zone:
Warm Temperate

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About Reed Burnam

Seventh generation Texan. BA (History/Philosophy) and MA (South Asian Cultures and Languages) from UT Austin (2007, 2010). I’ve been in Austin, TX for the past couple of decades but I also lived for a bit in Los Angeles, CA and Jaipur, India. I originally come from Houston.

Completed my initial PDC in 2012 at Quail Springs, with Warren Brush. I have taught Pc locally in Austin, as well as an intro course in 2014 in Lebanon, CT, along with Starhawk. I co-taught my first PDC in 2016 in Darjeeling, India with Rico Zook of Itinerant Permaculture. In 2017, I completed my PTT with Theron Beaudreau and Taelor Monroe in San Marcos, TX. Also in 2017, I attended and volunteered at IPC India. 2018 I attended and volunteered at the IWPSC at OLCERI on Pine Ridge. In late 2019 I will be abroad again to co-teach PDC’s in Darjeeling, India, and Bangalore, India.

Since 2013, I’ve been working full time doing regenerative landscape design, installation, maintenance, and consultation, helping to manage a small organic landscaping business in Austin.

I am interested in connecting with the larger international permaculture community, especially those doing work in India and Africa.

You can reach me at [email protected]


My Badges
Consultant Aid worker Pdc teacher
My Permaculture Qualifications
Pri verified
Hands On Permaculture Design Course
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: Warren Brush
Other Teachers: Peter Ash, Alex Vincent, Loren Luyendyk, Daniel Hensa
Location: Quail Springs, CA
Date: Oct 2012
Other course unverified
Permaculture Intensive
Type: Other
Teacher: Starhawk Starhawk
Location: Lebanon, Connecticut
Date: Jun 2014
Other course unverified
Permaculture Teacher Training
Type: Teacher Training
Verifying teacher: Theron Beaudreau
Other Teachers: Taelor Monroe
Location: San Marcos
Date: Oct 2017
0 PDC Graduates (list)
0 PRI PDC Graduates (list)
0 Other Course Graduates (list)
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0 have not yet been verified (list)
Climate Zones
Reed Burnam has permaculture experience in:
Warm Temperate
Sub tropical
Wet/Dry Tropical
Dry Tropical
Semi Arid

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