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Deb Pepperdine
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Noosa, Queensland, Australia
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Noosa Forest Retreat

Noosa Forest Retreat

Kin Kin, AU


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About Deb Pepperdine

Born and raised along the coast of Victoria I was to suffer from chemical sensitivity as a child affecting my health to the point where my ability to have children or even maintain healthy functioning in mainstream society was jepordised and of growing concern. These early health challenges were to fuel my Pasionate interest in recovery, complete health and desire to find and live a holistic & healthy lifestyle.
This led intitally to professionally training as a natural health worker, B. Health Sciences and a number of jaunts working for aid organisations both within Australia and overseas as part of what has so far been a 20 year career working in government and private health.

In pursuit of holistic or sustainable community living and personal recovery I explored and lived on a number of commuities and Indian Ashrams for lengths of time including Bellbudgeon and Noosa Forest Retreat in Australia. It was at Noosa Forest Retreat that I not only finally began to recover with the aid of Ayurvedic natural treatments (many of which utilise herbs grown on this permaculture property) but also became inspired by Permaculture and infected with the energy applied and enthusiasm held for this cultural movement by the founder of Noosa Forest Retreat Ian Trew and in turn Geoff and Nadia Lawton when there busy schedule allowed visiting.

I am now a part of a very succesful holisitc Beach Health Retreat surrounded by beautiful developing permaculture gardens in the heart of the Sunshine Coast. By being very vigilant with my health and becoming vegetarian utilizing ongoing ayurvedic guidance I have been able to defy mainstream doctors less than supportive or positive expectations for my health and now have not one but 2 healthy vegetarian children. I am also involved with the very successful local Cotton Tree Permaculture Community Gardens and the coastal sand dune rehabitation through which we do regular tours for our guests. I am still involved with developing Noosa Forest Retreat from where we source much organic produce for Beach Health Retreat & the raw organic milk and produce delivery run to the greater Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia.


Earth Bag Building, experential, educational course

As part of the grass roots Permaculture Community project Noosa Forest Retreat is creating earth buildings. As part of this project regular educational building courses will be offered beginning in June 2012 Questions & booking PH:0400 803 393

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Aid worker
My Permaculture Qualifications
Other course verified
1st Qld Calf & Cow
Type: Teacher Training
Teacher: Robin Clayfield
Location: Crystal Waters
Date: Jan 2004
Other course verified
Permaculture Basics
Type: Introduction to Permaculture
Teacher: Ian Trew
Location: Noosa Forest Retreat
Date: Mar 2007

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