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Daniel Gair
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Rancho Sol y Mar, Mayto, Jalisco, Mexico
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Wet/Dry Tropical
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Rancho Sol y Mar

Rancho Sol y Mar

Mayto, MX


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Mini-Granja familiar "Tierramor" Future Roots - An alternative education center for art, music, culture, sports and sustainability Quail Springs Permaculture Milkwood
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About Daniel Gair

Dan’s Sustainability Background:

Currently: co-owner of Rancho Sol y Mar, an off grid working ranch, campground, and sustainability center on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

2010 - Launched Sun Dog Solar Services

2008 - Completed NABSEP certification training courses for Solar Photovoltaic System Design & Installation

2006 - participated in the Maine/New Hampshire Bi-State Energy Project

2005. Launched and Chaired a Municipal Energy Commission in New England. Spear headed town-wide energy auditing and various other municipal energy conservation initiatives.

My wife and I got interested in sustainability issues in '05 when a friend sent us a copy of Lester Brown's "Plan B, 2.0". After reading the book, I launched a municipal energy commission and began delving deeply into renewable energy technologies. We had previously purchased a ranch property on the coast of Mexico near Puerto Vallarta, and during this period we began to consider pursuing a life of sustainability there.

Since then, we have both sold our U.S. based businesses and have become dedicated to educating ourselves and others about the importance and joy of sustainable living. The ranch and our lives have come a long way since then! We now have the world's first solar powered off-grid campground with small RV hookup sites, and a steady stream of volunteers who are increasingly creating a sense of community there. We are building with local, sustainable materials, making artisanal goat cheeses, starting a PERMACULTURE FOOD FOREST, and have numerous other sustainability initiatives moving forward at a steady clip. Our climate is sub-tropical with dry winters and wet summers. We have good soil, literally tons of compost, two separate water resources, and an exceptionally welcoming local community.

Our intention is to continue cultivating the ranch to become a truly sustainable community and welcome others to participate at every level, from volunteering to property ownership.

Most recently we have begun partnering with iCATIS Mexico (http://www.icatis.org/catis-mexico) to plan sustainability workshops at the ranch beginning the winter of 2013/2014.


January PDC in Mexico!

January PDC in Mexico!

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January 2016 PDC

Just Announced: January 2016 PDC Certification Course. Early Registration Discount and limited Scholarships Available!

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Cob Workshop February-March 2014

Rancho Sol y Mar is pleased to announce it's first full earth building workshop being taught by renowned builder/educator Pat Hennebery of O.U.R. Ecovillage and Cobworks (www.Cobworks.com).

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Update - summer/fall 2013

Guest House nearing completion. Commercial scale, free range egg production underway. Food forest swales and initial plantings beginning!

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Rancho Sol y Mar, Jalisco, Mexico

Working, off-grid ranch, campground, & sustainability center, located on the pacific coast of Mexico!

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