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Jehan de Maille
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Pueblo Careyes, Jalisco, Mexico
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Wet/Dry Tropical

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About Jehan de Maille

raised on a Bordeaux wine growing good old industrial system that led to the ruin both physical and financial of my parents, i got a taste of what was not a good idea....

Nature lover and countryside "dependant", it took me no time to look into better ways to do things.

Organic production looked like an ok thing to me, but the monoculture side of it still rang an alarm....

willing to get back to farm work, but still being afraid to "take the leap of faith", i took the stupid decision of launching a small banana plantation on 2.5has out of 3.5has of a land i rent here in Mexico, west coast, Jalisco state, 19.3ºN.....

but of course after 1 application of chemical pesticide.....i dropped all chemicals at once.....just couldn't with all the info i already had.....

and then, i stumbled into Geoff Lawton's videos.....dreadfully a month after planting my 5,000 bananas.

Commited and took the 2015 online course, and am already taking steps one by one to lead to what will be my first project documented here, Rancho 3R.

At the same moment, 2 other projects where i will aid and consult are actively promoted with local villagers:

one is the banana circle implementation to recycle cloth washing water, stop burning garden "trash" and village green trash and bring a locally grown product to the shops in the very same village.

second is what i like to call in loving memory of my '73 Land Rover a "tropical roof".
Lots of village homes since the arrival of the concrete fashion are now low and flat roofed, worst case scenarion for here.
The idea is simple: trellis over the roof taking out direct sunlight, and if the roof has a good load capacity, we can think of green roofs with garden beds lifted 20 cms from the ground to allow air underneath, and water surplus recuperation for further use in the garden of the house

Looking for a long and fruitful, for the earth and its inhabitants, relationship with all this great community here.

saludos from Mexico


confirmation e.mail in the box :)

Posted about 9 years ago (11 comments)
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Geoff Lawton
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Date: Feb 2015
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Geoff Lawton
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Date: Feb 2015
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Geoff Lawton
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Date: Feb 2015

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