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Kiwis and their structure

Posted by Victor Barahona over 12 years ago

Kiwis need work, here's our plantation

Finally this summer we completed the structure of kiwis. In 2009 (March) we planted 8 females and 2 males, in two separate rows (about 3.5 m) . Females in each row are spaced 5 m, and there is a male inserted in each row. At that time didn’t have the structure, only an stake. In the summer of 2009 (June) we began to build the structure, we finished it on June 2010, the crosses and core wire of 5 mm. We holded kiwis  to this core wire. At this time the kiwis are grown a lot.

In the summer of 2011 we have extended two auxiliary wires  of 3mm, at both sides on each row, their function: hold the auxiliary branches (thisd branches will have the fruit). We expect next year will start to  produce. Males are next to a higher stake and we have extended another wire that crosses diagonally between the two rows, so they can spread branches  easily over females.

This summer we also installed a drip irrigation system by gravity, which comes from the water tanks we have installed at the top , we talked about them in other thread. We have adjusted controller to find a sequence that for the moment goes well, in the past I irrigated handly and it was not enough, the Kiwis need a lot of water and were very thirsty. This summer instead are well maintained. We buried the pipes and drippers and are not noticeable. A few photos below show the result, here is a shot of  full assembly:

Kiwis ... Structure completed


In this photo we see how the wires are mounted, we also see the first female kiwi in the row:


Structure details

Here we see the wire that connects the two diagonal lines through the stakes in which we placed males, at the bottom we see the drip before it was buried.

Male and Female

We will speak about drip irrigation in the future. Everything you see in the pictures is self-constructed. The measures are explained in other thread I posted one year ago, and later I will include plans to see it more clearly. In the gap that remains between two rows, we hope plant bushes like gooseberries, blueberries or similar. It is a good place to be protected from birds using the structure of Kiwis to support a network.


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Date: Jun 2012

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