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Findhorn, Morayshire, United Kingdom
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Findhorn Ecovillage

Findhorn Ecovillage

Findhorn, GB


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PRI Tap o' Noth Farm, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
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Funding to attend PDC Course

Posted by Gabrielle Hamm almost 12 years ago

We have Grundtvig funding to attend the Ecovillage Training 2013

- Ecovillage Training -

Incorporating the Permaculture Design Certificate Syllabus

9 February - 9 March 2013

    *   There is full funding through Grundtvig to attend this course, deadline 17th September   *


For more details click here

Presented by the Findhorn Foundation in partnership with the Global Ecovillage Network.


Ecovillage Training provides a practical forum for learning, and for developing action plans. It draws on the experience and expertise developed within the Findhorn Ecovillage over the past 50 years, as well as on other local and international, rural and urban initiatives.

Ecovillage Training teaches concepts, tools and techniques for creating sustainable human settlements. It is one month long and may be attended as a whole, or for one or more of its theme-based weeks. Four weeks attendance are required in order to receive the PDC.


Topics covered include:

• Permaculture
• Local organic food production
• Renewable energy systems
• Cooperative social economies
• Group building and global networks
• Deep ecology & earth restoration
• Ecological building and engineering
• Alternative waste water treatment

Module details:
People Care – Week 1: 9–15 Feb
Design for Sustainability, Deep Democracy & Building Effective Groups

Fair Share – Week 2: 16–22 Feb
Economic Sustainability, Right Livelihood & Food and Farming

Earth Care – Week 3: 23 Feb–1 March
Human Settlements, Ecological Building, Water Treatment and Wilderness Restoration

Design Project – Week 4: 2–8 March
Designing for the future, integrating and harmonising our human footprint

Ecovillage Training - an official contribution to the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development 2005–2014.

Training fees:

£2195 (2700 Euros) Includes 28 nights accommodation, trips and all meals (vegetarian).

Financial support: European citizens can apply to Grundtvig for financial support (see below) and UK or non-EU citizen on low income can apply to the Findhorn Foundation's Bursary (on the online booking form please tick that you want to be sent a bursary form, you do NOT need to pay a deposit or any fees at this stage, on the payment section of the booking form please state that you will pay zero money now and that you are applying for a bursary). 

    Please note: Grundtvig funding is available to cover all or part of the course fee, accommodation and travel expenses under the EU Grundtvig in service training programme. Applicants must be working in adult education (in a paid or voluntary capacity) in an EU country other than the UK. The deadline for applications is 17th September 2012
    Step 1 - Book your place through our website (you do NOT need to pay a deposit or any fees at this stage, on the payment section of the booking form please state that you will pay zero money now and that you are applying to Grundtvig)
    Step 2 - Go to Commenius - Grundtvig training database website to read the guidelines to applicants. This course is listed with reference nr: UK-2013-1738-001
    Step 3 - Complete your application with Grundtvig and keep us informed. The deadline for applications may vary across Europe so please check this with your National Agency. On the application form you can state that the total course fee of 2700 Euros includes: Tuition and materials: £877 (1080 Euros); Accommodation and meals: £1316 (1620 Euros)



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My Permaculture Qualifications
Permculture Course
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Teacher: Jonny Barton
Location: Tangleha
Date: May 2011
Ecovillage Training
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Teacher: Craig Gibsone
Location: Findhorn
Date: Feb 2007
Other course verified
Permaculture Educators Training 2014
Type: Teacher Training
Verifying teacher: Andy Goldring
Other Teachers: Catherine Dolleris
Location: Friland, Denmark
Date: Oct 2014

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