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Aaron  Elton


  • Joined: 27/05/2011
  • Last Updated: 01/06/2011
  • Location: Kampala , Kampala , Uganda
  • Climate Zone: Wet/Dry Tropical
  • Web site: www.foreverforestry.com

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About Aaron Elton

Born and raised on Bowen Island - Vancouver British Columbia Canada. Grew up in nature and moved to the city after high school. Certified Cinematographer and majority of basic college studies. Certified and experienced life guard and first aid. Photographer, writer, motion picture maker, lover of cats and all things living (except mosquito), family business experience in marketing... have lived a very very full life of adventure social, mental, and geographical.

I was concluding three years of creative study and production in Uganda when i started writing and essay called our mother earth village which, in its most important propositions had the same three ethics as Permaculture and promoted heavily the need for people to integrate with natural energies in order to avoid all the catastrophe being experienced on all levels of civic society and bio kingdoms today. A roommate in Vancouver had the text book and plopped it in my hand, i was so refreshed because i could stop writing and just study what was already laid down, ive been running hard with it ever since.

After a mind blowing PDC with Pacific Permaculture i have been working for two years to bring about a full time training center near to the capitol City of Kampala. I now have access to a 5 acre site which is intended for Eco Studies by its owner and have just finished hosting the first very successful PDC of 19 students (8 international and 11 Locals) in accordance with the Permaculture master plan. I have solid 7 year old social roots within the country and have also convinced the largest steel manufacturing company in East Africa too take up a food forestry project as their primary form of social responsibility. This begins in June 2011 and has massive implications for the country if things go according to plan. Between the outdoor school and the forestry project the next three years will be completely focused on producing new designers and food foresters. I believe Uganda is a last stand for the biology of Africa as a whole continent with all of the five major bio region types converging within its boarders (the only country with all five), so it is like a massive seed bank and nursery for the entire continent, it is truly an absolutely unbelievable country in so many ways and i love my life here.


Getting Closer to Construction

About to start constructing a SUSTAIN-O-DOME on my project site....

Posted almost 4 years ago (1 comments)

18 new PDC holders just completed course in Uganda

May 2011 Jesse Lemieux conducted a PDC in Uganda at our Dewe School...

Posted over 4 years ago (0 comments)