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Somartin, Transylvania, Romania
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Earthway Experience Permaculture Center

Earthway Experience Permaculture Center

Leksand, Sweden & Somartin, Romania, SE


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Alaskan Eco Escape Permaculture Center
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Nordic Permaculture Association

Posted by Kevin Jarvis over 10 years ago


I hope you don't mind hearing MY opinion of the Permaculture Association here in Sweden and the Nordic countries...

If I understand correctly Bill Mollison wanted the PDC to be a sort of stepping stone...to help make our planet and our food better. After I , for example, got my PDC and then some experience with permaculture - His idea was that I could then teach to raise a little money...to put that money into my permaculture system.

But I see there are so many are trying to make it a business and here in the Nordic Countries to restrict those who can or can't teach.
They are making it next to impossible to get a "diploma". Up until just receintlye ther was not even a printed method on how to apply or even qualify for a diploma.

One of the problems here in the far north is the attitude that one should be "over taught". This is not something I have made up, but an actualy printed policy of Sweden. The education system is designed to "over teach" ...in theory a good though...but in practice it becomes very cumbersome.

The few diplomed teachers in Sweden and Denmark are trying to keep "Permaculture" to themselves. The Swedish Permaculture Association wont even list my project on their website...but have the board of directors projects listed.

I am very excited about Permaculture and what it can do - my project now is  almost 6 years old. The results are amazing. But I am not allowed to share this with others here in the Nordic Countries.

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