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C Emory Richey
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Granbury, Texas, United States
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Eden Study Center

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Complete Cob Course May 24-31, 2014

Posted by C Emory Richey over 10 years ago

Come learn all the skills to build a complete house out of cob!

Complete Cob Course: (May 24 - 31, 2014) Cost: $500 

Duration:  The course runs from 10:00 am Saturday, May 24th to Saturday, May 31, 2014.

Material Covered:  You will learn all the necessary skills to build a complete cob house including: foundations, plumbing, electrical, doors, windows, cordwood walls, cob walls, and roofs. The class will provide hands on experience with all except foundation (which will be completed before class) and roof (which will be available to learn for those that wish to stay after for paid work – see below).

Only seven (7) spots are available for this class plus one volunteer spot (free class!) for a cook/helper, so please sign up soon to reserve your spot now!  If you are interested in being the cook/helper, please email me.

Food:  Class will include meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner with snacks during day). The menu will be simple and will largely depend on the desires/skills of the volunteer cook. The breakfast of the first day and the dinner of the last day are not included. Feel free to bring your own snacks if you wish.

Amenities:  Toilet and shower are available in my house. This helps explain why the size of the class is so limited and the low cost. I am still getting setup to host classes (the cob building will have a bathroom built into it for future classes). Take advantage of me building up facilities to learn cob for less than anywhere else!

Accommodation: There are plenty of places to pitch a tent, and I have a RV for rent for anyone interested. Please email me for details and to reserve it.

Additional:  During the workshop any participant interested in learning about the food-forest orchard, ferro-cement cistern, off-grid gravity water system, or anything else at ESC will be welcome to ask and learn. Also, the cob building work site will be covered with a tarp to provide shade during the workshop.

Payment: To reserve a spot a $250 deposit is required.  If you reserve your spot by paying in full you get a 5% discount = $475 total instead of $500.

WORK OFFERED: After the course ends and you have learned how to build with cob, I am offering paid work to those wishing to stay to complete the building. You will not find this offer anywhere else!

Foundation Build Now:  If you are interested in getting hands on experience with building cob foundations, then please get in contact with me now as I am currently putting in the foundation in preparation of the course.

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C Emory Richey
C Emory Richey : Class is now full. Please sign up for the newsletter at www.edenstudycenter.com for news of future classes.
Posted about 10 years ago

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