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Ralston, WA, United States
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Semi Arid
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Wind Fence

Posted by William Kearns about 13 years ago

Construction of Tom Mallard's wind fence

Living in eastern Washington is an interesting contrast to my previous life on the moist west-side of the Cascade Mountains.  Here, there is Big Sky due to the essentially flat nature of the Columbia Basin and I get significant wind out of the southeast.  This wind is desiccating in an already semi-arid climate and planting trees for windbreak is common.  However, it is sometime difficult to get said trees established (due in part to the relentless wind), so after reading of Tom's many projects I was especially taken with his Wind Fence design.  As winter slowly tapers away, I'll accumulate the materials for the fence and after the ground thaws I'll try it out!  Thanks Tom!

(ETA:  here's the link to Tom's wind fence design - http://permacultureglobal.org/users/189-tom-mallard)

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Date: Jan 2017

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