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Festival Beach Food Forest One World Permaculture and Whole Life Learning Center
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intern/land steward position available at WLLC

Posted by caroline riley over 9 years ago

This internship/position is a unique opportunity to learn on site at a working permaculture center in Austin, Texas for the 2015-2016 school year. The Whole Life Learning Center serves about 70 youth ages 5-14 Monday – Friday. Permaculture Design Courses are offered to adults for 10 Saturdays every Fall and Spring semester onsite as well and there are weekly volunteer days through out the school year. The school is situated on almost two acres and is entering it’s third year of being a working permaculture education site. Some permaculture elements include a perennial food garden, small pond, annual gardens, grey water system, about 20 chickens, a mini goat and guard mini donkey, 10,000 gal rainwater water catchment, a greenhouse, and an aquaculture propagation station, which all need care and attention. Also, the space is constantly evolving and could use some new inspiration.

caroline riley

our food forest

For more information check out www.wholelifelearningcenter.com


our current intern, Taelor!


We are so grateful for our volunteers

The position is overseen by an experienced permaculture designer and instructor and offers a monthly stipend of $500 and board in exchange for the role and responsibilities.

This position is perfect for someone or possibly a couple who:

  1. has completed a Permaculture Design Course
  2. is committed and passionate about working at a permaculture education site
  3. wants to deepen their experience with permaculture design through daily practice
  4. is comfortable living at a school that serves children ages 5-14yrs and enjoys being around children
  5. is comfortable with manual labor in Central Texas Climate
  6. has experience growing annual food crops, has interest in planning, implementing and maintaining food crops, including mixing compost tea ad other soil preparations
  7. is inspired to help maintain and evolve a three year old perennial food garden and small pond system
  8. can lift 50 lbs of feed or hay
  9. is comfortable working with chickens, including daily care of feeding, water and cleaning as needed as well as putting one down if something happens (I can teach you how)
  10. is comfortable working with a Mediterranean Mini Donkey and a mini goat including daily feeding, water, harvesting fodder as food, leading them to different paddocks, cleaning barn as needed
  11. has experience starting plants from seed and interest in other propagation techniques and basic greenhouse care
  12. feels comfortable working with volunteers on a weekly basis
  13. feels comfortable communicating with parents, children and staff of WLLC
  14. is inspired to engage in the Austin permaculture community
  15. can be around during holiday breaks including thanksgiving, winter break, spring break and summer or help find appropriate replacement
  16. can help with maintaining grounds including taking trash and recycling to curb, tending compost, mowing as needed (or use animals to mow), keeping farm space tidy
  17. will feel comfortable living in a 31’ 1972 Airstream Trailer with heat, AC, kitchen and bath on grey water. The school is fenced and gated and trailer is off the street
  18. feels inspired to continually evolve the space independently and in collaboration with others
  19. can commit one year to this position

Please send a letter of interest and all inquires to Caroline Riley at [email protected]

A bit about the director:

Caroline Riley is a Texas native who grew up in the garden & free ranging on the Texas coast with her family. She discovered permaculture design while living in Colorado in 2004 & soon incorporated the ethics & principles into her Montessori classroom as a foundation to learn from nature with youth.

Today she owns the Whole Life Learning Center with her husband which is where she focuses her creative efforts, working to create & maintain a permaculture education center for people of all ages in Austin, Texas.

With a passion for experiential learning & creative design, Caroline instructs Permaculture Design Courses through Austin Community College & the Austin Permaculture Guild every Fall & Spring semester.

Caroline founded One World Permaculture in 2010 with the mission to connect & serve people worldwide through the study & practice of permaculture design ethics & principles. OWP collaborates & inspires to create integrated regenerative community, ecology & economy.

Caroline has studied permaculture with many great instructors, including Geoff Lawton, Warren Brush, Judd Hobbs, Kirby Fry, Dick Pierce & more. Her goal is to create a unique learning opportunity for her students from her vast experience.

Caroline Riley

Caroline Riley

When not at the learning center Caroline can be found searching out cool waters for swimming a enjoying the retreat of her South Austin home with her family.

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